Cancer related details in simple layman language

How many lives does cancer take a year? How many more are destroyed with each life? Life is a mess with everything coming up and this is ind of disease which takes a lot of stuffs from people.

Going forth I will be writing about the cancer related details on this page.

  • Whys
  • Hows
  • The science behind the disease in simple terms.
  • Superstitions and stigmas related to the disease around the world.
  • Cancer related details and interviews of people who are going through.
  • Prognosis (an opinion about your condition).

Do you want to know what is happening to you?

Does your doctor tell you complicated stuff and uses terms beyond your comprehension. We here would explain things as simply as possible and make space for understandings of all levels and our blog would cover every type of cancer related detail in here.

Many people in my country still don’t understand terms even though they understand English.

I am sure there are some people in every nation who are not adept in understanding terms related to cancer and even don’t understand cancer related details.

So, join me here in this journey.

Guest posting is welcome, if someone has a story to tell and wants to share it in their own words.

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