CMNI (Country Music News International)

Country music is one of the key music forms and when I began writing for country musicians, I realised, there is a lot which goes unheard and unseen in between music and the stage.

People throng to look at their stars, who often perform under various stressful and difficult circumstances, but the cruelty of the “show must go on,” makes people leave life behind to join what individually people believe life is.

I merely write stories about their life with CMNI and I have realized, so much of life by writing about other’s life.

Eric Church the road never stop!

Soon, I found I was immersed with realizations I never had……about life, sitting so far I could see lives wedging hundreds of miles always, human spirits and their never ceasing endeavours makes me think about life again and again.

CMNI (Country Music News International) is a wonderful place where talent meets freedom and love meets creativity.

If you’re a country musician, or if you’re in love with this form of music, or with music particularly like me, and for you boundaries are overrun by musicians and artists and authors alone who can dare live a borderless life, come home to country music with CMNI.

Country music news international
Country Music News International

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