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Today I am introducing you to my newly developed writing program Conscious and Creative Writing Course that is especially designed for young girls.

I am launching this program because our children are suffering a lot. The constant fear is hovering around us. The inability to play, meet friends, or go to regular school is adding anxiety and loneliness in many children. The uncertainty of the unknown is leading to stress.

In the eight weeks course, we would collectively learn to express various emotions through creative writing. It could be a fiction or a nonfiction story. The focus would be on learning the art of expression by identifying the prominent feelings and then telling in a form that educates, entertains, or inspires the reader.

It’s a creative writing program with a twist. The program is a package to learn to write comprehend ideas, use correct punctuation, and editing with ease while learning significance of proper and precise expression of a feeling.

Good or bad, angry, or sad are the everyday names used for feelings. But feelings are much bigger than that.

Do you know, lack of a proper word for a feeling leaves many emotions unresolved?

Do you know, many parents believe that their kids share everything?

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