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Born in 1970, Christian Lamitschka worked as a Country music journalist since1995 when he landed his first-ever break. Christian is raised in the small town of Bad Vilbel close to Frankfurt, Germany. His first break made him write about country music for CountryCircle magazine in Germany and thereon, he spread to writing for several national and international magazines. He has also written for several online internet magazines, one of them being Country Stars Online.

He has also worked closely with two radio stations. He built his career slowly “up the mountain” as the saying goes. One step at a time, he grew by doing interviews in the United States and Europe and did interviews for some of the most famous country musicians of all times.

Shania Twain, Oakridge Boys, Wynonna, LeAnn Rimes are some of them he has interviewed throughout his growing career. Buzz Cason’s interview, the legend of Rock n’ Roll turned country musician is a feather on Christian’s cap.

But it was not until 01st March 2011, that Christian began his county music platform and conceived the idea of converging a radio show and a country music magazine together. With each passing year, the show reaches thousands of country music enthusiasts and fans spreading music all across the world.

What can you find here on the country music news international site?

In here you find CD reviews, country music news, videos, interviews, and stories about famous stars of country music.

They also have personal messages section so find out more about it from the site.

The country music radio shows since 30-Sep-2020 are running in three languages- English, Danish and German.

Reader base for country music is mostly centred around the US, the UK, Germany and also Russia.

You get to hear some of the best country musicians in here speaking about their journey, their song-making and their lives.

Catch them live and hot on Country Music social network sites






Yes, don’t forget to catch more about Country Music straight from the Country Music News International site.

Country Music News International

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